Best Apps To Learn Spanish In 2021

Some of the best apps to learn Spanish in 2021 available, as well as certain alternatives to some “oldies but goodies,” are included below. Download now and start learning!

Best Apps To Learn Spanish In 2021

Spanish Translator +

Best Apps To Learn Spanish In 2021 | Spanish Translator +

With Spanish Translator Plus, you’ll always have a language expert with you. Spanish Translator Plus contains everything you need to improve your language skills, whether you’re a student or a world traveller. An advanced sentence translator, a comprehensive dictionary, a verb conjugator, a phrasebook, flash cards, vocabulary tests, and other features are included in the software.

With so many learning tools, it’s the ideal complement to the apps listed below.
Personalization is one of the aspects that distinguishes Spanish Translator Plus. You can personalize dictionary entries with comments, photos, and music, making it an entertaining travel companion as well as a practical reference tool.

Learn Spanish +

This program gets right to the point and lets you begin speaking Spanish right away. 101 lessons, 1,190 important phrases, and nearly 4,000 interactive tasks are included. Learn Spanish Plus is one of the most effective and time-saving methods for learning conversational Spanish for a holiday or business trip. You’ll be able to travel, get around, and communicate with the natives in just a few minutes.

Learn Spanish Plus is a fun way to learn Spanish with interactive exercises. It uses advanced speech recognition to assist you in correctly pronouncing words and phrases so that you can gain confidence. Additional features like Phrase of the Day and Learning Streaks motivate students to study regularly. When you achieve your objectives, a dancing panda named Pingo congratulates you.


Best Apps To Learn Spanish In 2021

Busuu is one of the most popular language-learning apps on the market today. It has a number of features that will assist users in becoming fluent in their chosen language. A vocabulary trainer, specialist courses, grammar review, and study plan tools are just a few of them. This is the greatest software for anyone seeking to fit learning Spanish into a busy schedule because of the study plan tool and specific courses.

Users can progress from beginner to advanced at their own pace using the app, which follows a step-by-step curriculum. Whether you’re a full-time parent, a worker, or a student, learning Spanish has never been easier with Busuu. Busuu is an app that can be downloaded on both an iPhone and an Android device.


Duolingo uses fun and engaging gamification to help users learn Spanish by improving their reading, writing, and listening skills. You may also create daily goals and get great badges and rewards for accomplishing them!

On their way to fluency, the app does an excellent job of keeping learners interested and engaged. Users of both iPhone and Android can utilize Duolingo. On the App Store and Google Play, you can get it for free.


HiNative | Best Apps To Learn Spanish In 2021

HiNative is a language learning app version of Reddit. This application connects novices to a community where they may ask and answer questions about the language, nation, and culture they’re learning. It’s one of the most effective methods for receiving immediate feedback from native speakers. There are various features in the app, including the ability to upload photographs for reading and writing aid, as well as audio recordings for native speakers to check your pronunciation.

HiNative is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn a language in a Q&A style with the support of a native speaker community. When submitting inquiries and chatting with others, take prudence and civility, as with all social networking apps. HiNative is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

SpeakEasy Spanish

SpeakEasy Spanish is one of the best apps to learn Spanish you should have. It is a phrasebook chock-full of phrases you’ll need to know while shopping, dining out, or just getting around in a Spanish-speaking nation. Each line is accompanied by a Spanish translation as well as a phonetic translation to make the sayings more accessible to English speakers.

The software also provides an audio recording of how a native Spanish speaker would pronounce sentences, as well as European and Latin American Spanish translations. So, whether you’re visiting Spain or the Dominican Republic, SpeakEasy Spanish can help. This software is one of the most useful resources for anyone traveling in the Spanish-speaking world.

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