Best Restaurants In Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou, one of China’s most attractive cities, is an old city full of historic and scenic attractions. It also boasts a number of excellent restaurants that serve both traditional Hang food and new Western-style food. Here is our selection of the best restaurants in Hangzhou, China.

Best Restaurants In Hangzhou, China

Le Restaurant

Le Restaurant is an attractive restaurant located in a hotel near the Xihu (West Lake). It serves Western-style meals like as pizza, salad, steak, and spaghetti. Their pizzas are great, the ingredients are fresh. Moreover, the chefs bake them in a masonry oven, which gives them a crisp and flavorful texture. You may dine on their fantastic terrace while taking in the breathtaking views of the Alps.

Jin Sha, Four Seasons Hangzhou

Jin Sha is a gorgeous facility that is said to be one of China’s top fine-dining Chinese restaurants. The Four Seasons’ signature service enhances the dining experience. A succession of entrées were delicious, including lobster with preserved veggies and Song sao fish soup. Chef Wang Yong’s rendition of dongpo pork is one of the greatest we’ve tried.

Hyatt 28

Hyatt 28 | Best Restaurants In Hangzhou

Hyatt 28 is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Hangzhou for fine and traditional Hang foods. They’re famous for the Dongpo pork pyramid. That is a delectable delicacy comprised of luscious pork belly that necessitates excellent knife skills because the pork must be thinly cut to make a pyramid shape. However, you are free to order any food you want at the restaurant, as the majority of their dishes are delicious and flavorful.

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Hangzhou, Sawasdee Thai Restaurant is relaxing, like a nice Thai resort. They serve a large range of authentic Thai foods, including tom yum, green mango salad, and many types of curry. They also provide traditional Thai drinks, including imported coconut, which is a great match to the sour and spicy Thai cuisine. The staff is friendly and helpful. Despite the fact that several of them are Thai, they speak fluent English and Chinese.

Grandma’s Home

Grandma’s Home | Best Restaurants In Hangzhou
Best Restaurants In Hangzhou

There’s no end to the buzz about this restaurant, which now has locations around the country, with lines forming outside. With inexpensive costs and huge portions, it almost comes up to its reputation, although the quality of the dishes varies greatly. Both the braised pork and the tea-scented chicken are excellent choices for a taste of traditional Hangzhou flavors.

Nánfāng Dà Bāo

Who’d have guessed the simple bozi could be so delicious? The big fluffy steamed buns sold at this modest corner stall beside the Rénhé Hotel building are filled with pork or sweet bean filling. The pork ones are particularly delicious, with high-quality meat and a thick sauce. In the morning, lines run all the way down the street.

Gui Yu Shan Room Fine Dining

Gui Yu Shan Room Fine Dining’s major motif is gui, or sweet olive; as a result, you’ll see this blossom and smell its refreshing perfume throughout the restaurant. Their dishes are little and delicate, yet they are quite tasty and tempting. The atmosphere is just as lovely, with yixing clay teapots, wooden furniture, and gorgeous Chinese artworks adorning the eating area.

Mudan, Zhejiang Xizi Hotel

Mudan is run by chef Zhu Qijin, who prepared for President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 2016 G20 Summit. It offers delicious Zhejiang delicacies like kidney “flowers” and clams with cooked eggs. Other superb classics by chef Zhu, such as minced chicken with abalone and lionhead fish, were featured in our feast, making it a memorable meal.

Jin Sha

Jin Sha | Best Restaurants In Hangzhou

Jin Sha, a fantastic restaurant serving Eastern, Western, and fusion food, is located in the luxury 5-star Four Seasons Hotel. The roasted black truffle and cauliflower, as well as the hazelnut goose liver paté with a spring onion pancake, are also delicious. They also have a selection of Chinese teas; try the jin jun mei or fragrance Fenghuang dance, both of which are great varieties of tea cultivated over 1,400 meters in the highlands.


Carbon is a fantastic destination for an evening meal since the clientele is super-stylish, the lakeside location is amazing, and the chandeliers, exquisite plant arrangements, and soft-wood decor. With a menu that tries to please everyone and zigzags across cuisines, the food doesn’t quite match up to the attractive environment (think baked snails to flammekueche via pineapple fried rice).

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