Dynaudio Emit M20 Speaker Review

You’ll notice that the Dynaudio M10 bookshelves (£500) made a big impression, dethroning the B&W 685 S2s, two-time Product of the Year winners. That takes a lot of effort. Now it’s up to the Emit M20s, who are larger copies of their more stunning brothers, to make their mark. When you put the M10s and M20s side by side, they seem like Russian dolls, with the same dimensions but a different scale. Here is Dynaudio Emit M20 Speaker review.

Dynaudio Emit M20 Speaker Review

Build and compatibility

Dynaudio Emit M20 Speaker Review | Build and compatibility

They both have a satin lacquer (available in white or black) and a driver-dominated baffle that seems like it’s been used as target practice thanks to a symmetrical scattering of screws bordering the drivers.

The M20 is the superior bookshelf model in the Danish company’s entry-level speaker range for more reasons than simply its 36cm height and 27cm depth.

New drivers have been built exclusively for each Emit model, with the M20 boasting a 28mm soft dome tweeter and a 17cm magnesium silicate polymer mid/bass driver, up from 14cm in the M10.


The M20’s greater ambition in terms of authority, scale, dynamics, and bass depth can be attributed to its larger driver. After all, that’s what you’d expect from a bigger bookcase. But, more crucially, none of this has come at the sacrifice of musicality or agility.

Piano sections in Ludovico Einaudi’s Ancora are rich in delicacy and texture, to the point where it seems as if he’s giving you a personal tutorial in advanced piano playing rather than striking keys.
Despite the fact that the M20s are unable to play their younger sibling’s little card hand, the magnitude and openness with which they exhume is astounding.

Dynamically, the Dynaudios are always moving within their wide range, demonstrating that they can handle both explosive and subtle variations.

Sound | Dynaudio Emit M20 Speaker Review
Dynaudio Emit M20 Speaker Review

Each piano note is firm, precise, and timely, even if they occasionally compromise outright control for joy in absolute terms.

Unlike some speakers, the Emit 20s are open to all types of music, including 65daysofstatic’s Prisms, which features glitchy synths and highly heady electro-beats.

They charge and explode through the song, and even in the most intricate, cacophonous passages, they maintain the discipline and rigour to pick out the various trails of thought – rhythmic drumming, ambient guitar lines, cutting cymbals – without ignoring any of them.

They have the daring of the Dali Opticon 2s, but they smooth it out with a delightful smoothness and refinement, and it’s down to that winning algorithm that they’re so listenable and versatile.

The M20s aren’t hesitant to open the lid on The Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me album’s modest bright and edgy quality, revealing the recording’s limited nature, even if they aren’t quite as flexible with lesser recordings.


There are numerous successful tiny speaker models that produce high-energy sounds. The audio power of the speaker and the sound energy generated by the cabinet’s resonance are two components of the speaker’s sound energy.

The strength of the driver’s sound will be viewed as having greater true energy. False energy will be defined as the power of the sound emitted by the cabinet’s resonance.

Using a driver with more muscular power or installing multiple drivers on the cabinet is one technique to generate great energy for little speakers. Another option is to increase cabinet resonance. M20 is a member of the later group. As a result, M20 can detect a large amount of sound energy, and its low frequency is particularly impressive.


Both the M10 and M20 bookshelves have received five-star reviews and are Group Test winners, making the Emit series a perfect two-for-two.

The M20s are perfect if you, or rather your room, thinks that more scale, dynamic range, and bass is better.


The Dynaudio Emit M20 does not limit its suitable playing style to specific music genres, as some speakers do. M20 appears to be a wonderful complement for every form of music, from classic large-scale symphony to current and agitated electronic music. The M20 is consistently expressed in a rather pleasant and soft manner, boosting the M20 speaker’s music compatibility and hearing resistance.

Furthermore, the Dynaudio Emit M20 can clearly depict the track’s conflict and explosiveness, as well as find some fit and unity even in the most complicated and discordant periods. The sound’s interpretation is more balanced and dense, with a strong feeling of hierarchy. As a result, these seemingly opposing aspects are accurately presented without the aid of any external force, rhythmic percussion, and guitar accompaniment in the background.

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