How To Get Someone To Like You

You don’t have complete control over whether or not someone likes you, but you can favorably impact their decision. When you’re near someone, whether it’s a new buddy or a romantic interest, smile and be cheerful to increase the chances of them liking you. It’s also a good idea to learn about their hobbies and interests so you can start a conversation with them. Whatever you do, don’t forget to be yourself. They’re not worth the effort if they can’t like you for who you are. Keep reading on to know how to get someone to like you.

How To Get Someone To Like You

Making Yourself Attractive and Approachable

Maintain proper personal hygiene. Take care of basic grooming before meeting with the person: shower, comb your hair, brush/floss your teeth, apply deodorant, and put on fresh clothing. Mint gum and a small spritz of perfume or cologne are additional options.
You feel terrific when you look and smell your best. As a result, you come across as more self-assured and approachable to others.

Make eye contact

Make eye contact | How To Get Someone To Like You

Making eye contact with someone while speaking with them will help you build a stronger bond with them. If you avoid eye contact, on the other hand, you will appear uncomfortable and as if you have something to hide.

After all, it is said that the windows are the soul’s eyes. Make eye contact every now and again to appear more personal and relatable.

Make an effort to appear genuine and relaxed when making eye contact. You don’t want to feel intimidated by eye contact. It should instead have the effect of putting the other person at ease and making them feel connected to you.

If you keep eye contact in the proper manner, this person will feel valued and as if they matter to you. And it’s easy for this individual to like you if you have that kind of feeling.

Ask them about themselves

We all prefer to talk about ourselves to some level, no matter how timid we are. It can be entertaining to talk about oneself to others, whether it’s bragging about something you’re particularly good at or detailing a hobby that piques your interest.

If there’s someone you want to like you, find out more about them. Begin with a simple question, such as how their weekend went or what their holiday plans are.

You can inquire about someone’s interests and favorite items if you are better familiar with them. What does this person feel when he or she encounters particular situations?

Such queries might bring you and this other person closer together, and they will like you if they feel closer to you.

Display good posture and open body language

Display good posture and open body language

The way you carry yourself might give you a more confident appearance and encourage others to approach you. Pull your shoulders back and elevate your chin by sitting up straight. Uncross your arms and legs, look the person in the eyes, and turn to face them.

Placing your hands on your hips or folding your arms behind your head to form an inverted triangle might also help you appear more confident.
Make sure the stance you choose is relaxing rather than forced. Forced body language appears unnatural and gives the impression that you’re putting on a show. When you’re alone, you might want to practice open, confident body language.

Respect others’ boundaries and personal space

You want to eliminate any awkwardness or discomfort in order to maximize the chances of someone loving you. When chatting, respect their personal space by standing at least an arm’s length apart. Also, don’t interrogate them about their personal lives or bring up delicate subjects.

Ask them for help or advice

Ask them for help or advice
How To Get Someone To Like You

People are naturally drawn to those who can accept instruction and are eager to learn. Plus, if someone provides you advice or assists you in any manner, they will feel a strong connect with you because you usually help individuals you care about.

“Hey, I recall you said you’re good with computers,” you might add. My laptop is constantly freezing. “Could you please have a look at it for me?”

Prioritize spending time with them

People want to spend time with people who act interested in spending time with them, so indicate that you like their company. Tell them how much fun you had and how much you want to get out with them again before you leave.

This includes showing up when you say you will. If you say you’ll meet up with them on Thursday, don’t disappear to meet up with someone else.

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