Reasons Why You Should Visit Hangzhou, China

To the Chinese, Hangzhou, a budget airline hub less than an hour by bullet train from Shanghai, epitomizes the Song Dynasty Golden Age’s sophisticated, artistic leisure and living south of the Yangtze. Hangzhou feels like the bottled essence of China to the few Western visitors that come: tea, silk, and vistas embellished with willows and reflected bridges. The restaurant has a traditional appearance, with wooden tables and chairs, and is decorated with many Buddhist elements, including Buddha sculptures. Even though the costs are a little more than some other restaurants, the music and decorations provide a soothing ambiance for a great dining experience. You can even read Buddhist scriptures if you like. Here are some reasons why you should visit Hangzhou, China.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Hangzhou

West Lake

West Lake | Reasons Why You Should Visit Hangzhou, China

West Lake is without a doubt the most popular tourist destination in Hangzhou. This is a great area to people watch since you can see how Chinese people spend their free time. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea)

Longjing Tea is a popular green tea because of its particular flavor, which comes from its terroir and distinctive pan-frying drying process, which keeps it fresh. It can only be found on the slopes of Longjing Village, where it is nurtured by mineral-rich water from the mythical Dragon Well, an artificial lake.

Classical landscapes

Classical landscapes
Reasons Why You Should Visit Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou’s West Lake is breathtaking, framed by mountains covered with tea plantations and bordered with ancient buildings. Causeways and bridges span glistening seas, ferrying boats between sculpted islands. Willow gardens show sculpted vistas of water lilies in bloom. There’s also nothing quite like taking a stroll along the lakeside at night to take in the light and water spectacle.

Walkability and cyclability

The silent-but-deadly electronic bikes that sneak up behind you on the street at a great pace are one of many unsettling aspects of life as a pedestrian in China. The West Lake coastlines are largely pedestrianized, making a stroll here a true pleasure. Hangzhou also has one of the world’s largest bikeshare programs: for a 200RMB deposit, plus a few kuai if you keep a bike for longer than an hour, you may safely and comfortably traverse West Lake. The metro system is improving at a rapid pace.

Former residence of Xueyan Hu

This ancient villa has been meticulously preserved and features the finest Qing period architecture, including furnishings, pagodas, koi ponds, and planted gardens.


Hangzhou was already home to over a million people when Marco Polo visited in the late 13th century, and he described it as “the best and most lovely city in the world.” Hangzhou was once one of China’s capitals; governor Su Dongpo was a septuple threat and all-round Renaissance man; a visit to the tomb of the military martyr Yue Fei is like a crash lesson in Chinese history.

Water Towns Surrounding Hangzhou

Nanxun Water Town is one of Zhejiang province’s famous water towns and old towns, located in Nanxun district, Huzhou, about 95 kilometers from Hangzhou and 2 hours away by car. Nanxun Water Town is the only historic town built in both Chinese and Western styles. It covers about 45 square kilometers and is divided into nine sections, the most of which are historical private mansions and gardens of the wealthy.

Hangzhou Silk &  China National Silk Museum

Hangzhou Silk is a well-known Chinese silk that is known for being light, soft, brilliant, and colorful. Hangzhou Silk has a rich history dating back thousands of years, as evidenced by 4,700-year-old silks discovered in the city. Hangzhou Silk is divided into more than ten categories, including some well-known brands such as Wensli Silk and Du Jinsheng Silk.

With a display area of 3,000 square meters and many exhibition halls, the China National Silk Museum is the world’s largest silk museum. Many silk products, such as excellent and graceful old silk clothing, are on display at the China National Silk Museum, and those displaying silk products will be eye-opening to everyone.

Liuhe Pavilion

Liuhe Pavilion | Reasons Why You Should Visit Hangzhou, China

This pavilion-style tower has a spiral case that leads to the top deck. Here, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the city and Qiantang river. It has six sides, 13 storeys, and is about 60 meters tall.

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