The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Tianjin, China

Vegetarianism is becoming more popular in China as the trend of healthy living grows. Despite the fact that traditional Chinese cuisine has many of vegetarian options, restaurants virtually always serve meat. Veggie-only meals are becoming increasingly popular among locals. Finding vegetarian restaurants in Tianjin used to be difficult, but it is now rather simple. Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Tianjin, China.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Tianjin, China


The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Tianjin, China | Zen

The highest-end vegetarian restaurant in Tianjin offers a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance at Zen. It is an intimate experience with only nine tables in the entire restaurant (unlike its competitors), and it offers relatively little counterfeit meat (unlike its competitors).

Cixi Xuan

This peaceful vegetarian eatery plays Buddhist music and provides a soothing environment. Its servers have a reputation for being extremely attentive and precise.

Mon Amour Veggie

A vegetarian restaurant offering both a Western and a Chinese culinary menu. Cheese and/or milk are commonly used in western cuisines. Vegan-friendly Chinese dishes are available upon request.

Yuanman Vegetarian Restaurant

The food here will surprise you, with amusing menu item translations in Chinglish like “Bacteria,” “Private Jellyfish,” and “Kernel Blasting Dragon Eel.” Yuanman is highly recommended for the quality of its meals, despite the fact that the drinks are believed to be pricey.

Aulare Urban Latin Restaurant

Aulare is not strictly a vegetarian restaurant, but it is the only international option on this list. It serves a variety of Latin cuisine, including vegetarian alternatives. Try their delicious Mediterranean Salad or Vegetarian Pizza.

Bing Di Lian (Kind Lotus)

Bing Di Lian (Kind Lotus) | The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Tianjin, China

Kind Lotus is a little pricy and doesn’t have a lot of vegetarian options, but it still gives you a nice feeling. Try the fried rice or the gravy-sauced broccoli. Please be aware that the signage is solely in Chinese type.

Yong Fu Shan

Upscale vegetarian restaurant serving largely vegan dishes, with those containing egg or milk clearly labeled. The entrance is tucked away in a dimly lit corridor, yet the interior is tastefully decorated. A live guzheng performance is held here.

Aulare Urban Latin Restaurant

Meat is served, however vegan options are offered. Vegan choices are available for Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and South and Central American cuisines. Magnetic Plaza, Building A4, 2nd Floor, Room 16 is conveniently located near downtown.

Hong Yuan Xiang

Hong Yuan Xiang is a good value for money restaurant that serves a variety of vegetarian cuisine but isn’t particularly large. Bring a Chinese-speaking eating companion because nothing in the restaurant is printed in English, and there aren’t any images to accompany the menu items.

Jue Xi Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant

Jue Xi Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant

This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tianjin, China. It is tucked away not far from Cloudy Bay Hostel. Steamed rice and vegetables are reasonably priced at around 10 RMB, while dumplings are roughly 15 RMB. It is close to the Tianjin World Financial Tower and the Quanyechang Bazaar Shopping Mall.

Seven Pattra Leaves Vegetarian Restaurant

At Seven Pattra Leaves, all of the meals is vegetarian. The ambiance is calm and serene, with music and decorations evoking a Buddhist vibe. There are also many Buddhist literature available for individuals who want to learn more. This establishment is smoke-free.

Peach Blossom Land Vegetarian Restaurant

Vanilla cookies, Johnnycakes (corn flatbread), noodles cooked with various fresh ingredients, and rice cooked with five different types of cereals are among the restaurant’s most popular dishes. The meal here tastes fantastic, and the plate presentation is quite appealing. Keep in mind that some visitors have reported that some of the dishes include too much oil and that serving is done slowly.

Satisfactory Vegetarian Restaurant

Satisfactory Vegetarian Restaurant | The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Tianjin, China

The food served at this restaurant is entirely vegetarian, despite the fact that most of it is designed to resemble meat meals. Despite the restaurant’s limited size and unusual furnishings, the food is served fast.

The restaurant has a traditional appearance, with wooden tables and chairs, and is decorated with many Buddhist elements, including Buddha sculptures. Even though the costs are a little more than some other restaurants, the music and decorations provide a soothing ambience for a great dining experience. You can even read Buddhist scriptures if you like.

Qing Lai Yue Vegetarian Pavilion

This restaurant is a vegetarian shrine, emphasizing vegetarian values for healthy living while also promoting stylish and environmentally friendly food. It uses only the finest ingredients in order to create a nutritional and balanced diet.

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