The Best Video Editing Apps For 2021

DIY video creation has skyrocketed since the introduction of cellphones. Amateur and professional videographers may now film, edit, and publish their cinematic works with the help of a powerful pocket film studio. As a result, video editing apps have become quite popular. With so many applications vying for your attention, we’ve compiled a list of the top video editing applications for Android, iPhone, and iPad so you can choose your favorite quickly. You’re working on a video project, right? You have your concept and your smartphone, but you’re overwhelmed by video editing tools and don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Sure, there are a lot of options, but we’ve reviewed the best video editing apps for you here.

The Best Video Editing Apps For 2021


The Best Video Editing Apps For 2021 | Quik

Quik is the first of two GoPro video editing programs that analyzes your films for colors and faces in order to correctly frame your clip. This app allows you to apply transitions and effects to up to 200 photographs and video clips from your photo library or GoPro Plus with this free software.

You may not only crop, zoom, and rotate photos and video clips, but you can also customize them with 26 different themes, fonts, effects, and artwork. You also can make HD 1080p or 720p films for social sharing in cinema, square, or portrait formats, and you may store your draft creations for up to seven days.

Adobe Premiere Clip

The Best Video Editing Apps For 2021 | Adobe Premiere Clip

Premiere Clip includes a lot of cool capabilities, as you’d expect from an Adobe program. Create a video quickly using an automatic editing tool or more extensive customisable editing options that allow you to perform everything from clip trimming to music volume ducking over conversation.

You may sync your movie to the beat of your choice of soundtrack and add all of the standard finishing touches, such as titles and transitions. Premier Clip works perfectly with other Adobe products like Premier Pro, Lightroom, and Capture CC, and its CreativeSync online software keeps your project up to date across all of your devices.


Apple’s free apps are sprinkled throughout our list for a reason: they have a propensity for building superbly effective and easy-to-use apps with unique features. Their widely used iMovie program performs all of the functions of a video editor. Simply drag and drop your clips into the timeline, cut them to size, and add built-in music, effects, and animated titles.

Split-screen effects, ten high-fidelity filters, green-screen effects, and the ability to create Hollywood-style trailers are all nice additions. Because it’s Apple, you may freely swap between your devices to make your final cut, using AirDrop and iCloud Drive.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush | The Best Video Editing Apps For 2021

Premiere Rush is a cross-platform video editing product aimed straight at the YouTube age. It’s designed to be much easier to use than Adobe’s more complex desktop applications, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition.

Premiere Rush, on the other hand, concentrates on making it simple to process your clips quickly and share them on social media. It adapts your films to the particular aspect ratios and quality levels required by each platform, for example.

Premiere Rush, on the other hand, isn’t exclusively for YouTubers. It’s also one of the finest video editing applications for professionals because it allows you to take content created in Premiere Pro and alter it on your phone or tablet. After that, you may upload the content to the cloud and continue working on it in Premiere Pro.



KineMaster is one of the best video editing apps available. This complex program lets you to film, edit, and export your footage on your phone or tablet using a multi-layer interface, with high-end capabilities like blending modes, chroma keying, and audio mixing. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

This is one of the best video editing tools for frame-by-frame granularity while trimming clips and layers. Timing of audio clips can also be modified with sub-frame precision. You can submit many layers of video, photos, and text, as well as multi-track audio (on supported devices).

Kinemaster also includes advanced capabilities such as edit previews in real time, accurate volume envelope control, color LUT filters, speed controls, chroma key compositing, and 3D transitions. In short, while this isn’t precisely Premiere Pro on a smartphone, it’s close.

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