The Most Authentic Tea Houses And Coffee Shops In Tianjin

Tea houses and coffee shops have been places of pleasure for many adults in China for thousands of years. Tianjin has a variety of historical locations where you can enjoy one of China’s most popular sports. Here are the most authentic tea houses and coffee shops in Tianjin, China.

The Most Authentic Tea Houses And Coffee Shops In Tianjin

The Tianjin tea house art of Crosstalk

The one thing that sets Tianjin’s greatest tea establishments apart from their Chinese counterparts is “Crosstalk,” or xiangsheng. Crosstalk is a spoken, skilled comedic performance that originated in Tianjin and uses local dialect and content borrowed from traditional Chinese pieces and current events commentary. Even if you don’t know Mandarin, you’ll enjoy Crosstalk performances for their pure hilarity.

Mingliu Teahouse

Mingliu Teahouse

This is the location to go to see live Crosstalk at Tianjin’s premier traditional folk culture tea restaurant chain. The Mingliu Teahouse is a showcase for Tianjin humor. At one of the city’s various locales, expect to watch some of China’s most renowned performers.

The reputation of this teahouse, which was first established in 1991 and designed by the wife of Lao She, a prominent Chinese writer, was fueled by traditional folk culture. There are no meals offered here; only tea, coffee, and snacks are available. Nonetheless, the entertainment and teas are enjoyed by residents, expats, and tourists alike. The cost of a ticket is 80 RMB ($12). Make your reservation at least two days ahead of time!

Zixuan Tea House

This is a calm, warmly lighted area to unwind and enjoy a peaceful tea in the afternoon, located in the Heping District beside the People Gymnasium Institute. The comfortable ambiance is ideal for individuals with a language partner because it gives the perfect type of immersion setting.

Lao Cheng Xiao Li Yuan

Lao Cheng Xiao Li Yuan, another tea establishment nestled away inside a historic edifice, is located inside Old City Museum. It has a hundred-year history and is one of the best-preserved tea houses in Tianjin’s downtown area. As you sip your tea, watch “si he yuan,” or folk art performances.

China Drama Tea House

China Drama Tea House | The Most Authentic Tea Houses And Coffee Shops In Tianjin

This historic Chinese courtyard, which dates back to the Tang and Han dynasties, offers a more sophisticated Chinese tea experience. Famous artwork, calligraphy, old furniture, classic musical instruments, and Kungqu Opera may all be found at the China Drama Tea House. The first floor houses pavilions and galleries, while the top floor houses distinct private chambers. If you can’t find it, ask a local for directions.

Maan Coffee

This prominent Korean coffee company established itself as a precursor of light-filled, almost warehouse-style cafés with antique chandeliers and sofas. In China, Maan Coffee has spawned a slew of knockoffs, but you can visit the original delightful café in Tianjin for yourself. Until 2 a.m., the restaurant is open.

Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans
The Most Authentic Tea Houses And Coffee Shops In Tianjin

Gloria Jeans, which is located within the Riverside 66 Shopping Mall, has established a reputation among expats as the best coffee shop in Tianjin. Come in and soak up the worldwide sensations of Tianjin’s flagship store.

Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene, a vibrant café with bright flowers and wooden chairs that give it a countryside flavor, is another famous South Korean brand in Tianjin. Along with coffee and Western fare, the menu includes a variety of pastries and sweets.

Kafelaku Coffee

Kafelaku Coffee can be a high-end coffee experience depending on which city you’re in while in China (the Guangzhou location is set in a mansion). The coffee shop in Tianjin is in a more charming setting, but the quality is still excellent.

Cafe Cielo

Cafe Cielo | The Most Authentic Tea Houses And Coffee Shops In Tianjin

Cafe Cielo is located next to the Ao Cheng Building’s movie theater. There’s enough space for you to get comfortable in this calm spot. This café’s toast is particularly noteworthy, as it is prepared to perfection. A variety of coffees are also available.

Pacific Coffee Company

Pacific Coffee, another foreign franchise that has established itself as a recognizable coffee brand in China, serves fresh meals to accompany your cup of coffee. With five stores in Tianjin, this up-and-coming brand is gaining traction.

Cindy’s Restaurant

Cindy’s, a small café on the 6th level of the megamall Riverside 66 Plaza, has a beautiful ambience with lots of lilies inside. They specialize in Cantonese and Western cuisine, as well as Hong Kong desserts.

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