Top Graphic Design Software For 2021

Using the appropriate tools may greatly boost your talent, whether you’re a novice graphic designer or a seasoned digital artist. A well-designed graphic design program provides easy controls and versatility that are simple to use for a beginner while also providing far superior tools for a seasoned user. The easiest approach to figure out which software will work best for you is to get your hands on it and try it out. Features, simplicity of use, performance, affordability, and availability are all characteristics of each piece of software. Users can get a free trial of several paid graphic design software to get a better knowledge of the product. Here is the top graphic design software for 2021.

Top Graphic Design Software For 2021

Adobe Photoshop

Top Graphic Design Software For 2021 | Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used graphic design software, with millions of artists using it throughout the world. This finest graphic design program can help you create banners, posters, websites, and logos, among other things. Adobe Photoshop includes capabilities for every level of user, from simple adjustments to complex projects. You can even draw or paint whatever you like if you deal with illustrative designs.

This software also allows you to create naturalistic artwork and compositions in addition to image editing. You may customize your canvas size, separate items from backdrops, create custom brushes, work in 3D, and much more.


Sketch is a graphic design application for Macs that focuses on digital design. Websites, apps, and user interfaces are all made with these digital designs. Sketch, unlike Photoshop, isn’t designed for photo editing or printing. You may make a prototype with Sketch by collaborating with other designers on the platform.

The application includes a smart layout capability that allows the component to resize itself based on the content. There are hundreds of plugins in the software that will allow you to accomplish pixel-perfect vector editing and other design work. Another thing that this software can do is make digital icons. On the other hand, Sketch isn’t ideal for print design or drawings.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator | Top Graphic Design Software For 2021

Adobe Illustrator is a design program that focuses on vector graphics. You can create artwork, icons, posters, and more, and the designs you produce in Adobe Illustrator may be used on everything from business cards to billboards, and on devices ranging from smartphones to 8k screens. You can use this software to create something extraordinary by drawing, mixing, and refining designs. Adobe Illustrator Draw, a mobile version of Adobe Illustrator, is one of the greatest graphic design apps available.

You may use the shaper tool to create vector shapes and sketch with it. Geometric forms can be moved, deformed, and resized and can be applied to other outlines. Even the software’s fonts can be customized to meet your demands by changing their weight, slant, or breadth.

Adobe provides professionally created templates for novices to save time. The program’s user interface is nice, but being excellent at illustrator requires a steep learning curve.

Affinity Designer

Serif Affinity Designer is one of the top graphic design software. It has provided PC-based professionals with a mature alternative to Illustrator since its introduction in 2016. With features such as a complete vector and pixel editing toolset, 10 million percent zoom, non-destructive effects and adjustment layers, and more.

While some features in Illustrator, such as distortion and warp effects, are not available in Affinity Designer. The majority of what you can do in Adobe’s program can be done in Affinity Designer. And the interface is close enough that it’s simple to learn and utilize.

Serif claims that Affinity Designer works faster than Adobe’s products since it’s built for the latest PCs and tablets. And anecdotal experience suggests that’s true as long as you’re using relatively contemporary hardware. Affinity Designer is also really affordable, and you only have to pay once: there are no monthly fees.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2021 is a vector-based graphics tool that was first released in 1987 and is primarily targeted at Windows users (although in 2019 it did finally launch on MacOS).

So, how does it stack up against other Windows design apps? In terms of functionality, it’s difficult to suggest it over Adobe Illustrator, however, Affinity Designer certainly outperforms it in terms of value for money. On the other hand, CorelDRAW continues to be popular among artists and graphic designers, indicating that its creators are certainly doing something right.

The LiveSketch tool has been a remarkable improvement in recent years: an inventive line drawing option for designers and illustrators who want to skip making thumbnails on paper and sketch out vector graphics directly at the source; this is especially handy on a drawing tablet.

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