Top Souvenirs To Buy In Tianjin, China

Tianjin’s bustling metropolis features a variety of fantastic souvenir shops, ranging from ancient traditional shops on Ancient Culture Street to department stores and sophisticated shopping malls on the same street! Other significant shopping streets with a vivid mix of old and new are Commercial Street and Tianjin Walking Street. Isten and Junhur are two other notable modern shopping centers. Shenyang Dao is China’s largest antique market, with a fascinating collection of gold, silver, porcelain, and magnificent artworks. Youyi Road has some excellent jewelry stores. Gu Wenhua Jie is an interesting street lined with traditional shops on both sides. Here are the top souvenirs to buy in Tianjin, China.

Top Souvenirs To Buy In Tianjin, China

Yangliu Qingnian (New Year) paintings

Yangliu Qingnian (New Year) paintings | Top Souvenirs To Buy In Tianjin, China

The name of Yangliu New Year paintings is from their location of origin – Yangliuqing. It is a small village in Tianjin – and dates back over 600 years, with influences from the Ming, Song, and Yuan Dynasties. So, why are overweight kids clutching lotuses (or goldfish) in their arms depicted in this way? Both are Chinese homophones for other terms.

Lotus is pronounced ‘lian,’ and ‘lianian,’ which signifies successive years, but fish is pronounced ‘yu,’ which also implies surplus. When these two phrases are combined, the result is ‘lianianyouyu,’ which means ‘enjoying prosperity year after year.’ Get this painting for the upcoming Chinese New Year!

Weiji kites

Kite-making has been a popular art form in China since then. Local Wei Yuan Tiai honed and mastered the technique for 70 years throughout Tianjin’s golden age. He designed almost 200 kites, earned the title of Tianjin’s best craftsman. And then, he won a global championship for his kites in San Francisco in 1915. It’s likely that the kites you see in Tianjin are descendants of Wei Yuan Tai’s, as he motivated future generations to carry on the tradition.

Ni ren zhang figurine

Ni ren zhang figurine | Top Souvenirs To Buy In Tianjin, China

These unique figurines were first created in Tianjin in the 1800s. These charming chubby kid figures have a worldwide following. Three well-known novels inspired their artisans, and the result is a collection of extremely detailed figurines depicting life in ancient China. The figurines are always filled with emotion. Ancient Culture Street no 17 is the ideal area to see a nice assortment of figurines. Also, you can see the craftsmen at work in the workshops here.

Beautiful pair of silk pyjamas

Wearing gorgeous silk pyjamas has a sensual quality to it, and the prices in the city, like all silk clothes, are incredible. There is a wide range of pricing. Certainly, it depends on whether you buy them in a mall or a market, and they come in a variety of qualities. Plain or patterned silk in a kaleidoscope of hues is part of the collection. Robes, dresses, shirts, and bed linen are among the other goods available.

Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy | Top Souvenirs To Buy In Tianjin, China

You may learn and make your own Chinese calligraphy, which is well-known around the world. You can even hire an artist to paint your Chinese name on a scroll for a fee, but try to plan ahead of time. Formal, seal, running, legal, and even a Chinese rendition of cursive are all examples of calligraphy. Purchase a paintbrush and a genuine scroll to begin this old hobby at home.



Tea is a versatile gift that may be given for practically any occasion. China’s range of specialty teas are suitable for parties, afternoon lounges, or simply personal use, whether for coworkers or friends. Green, oblong, black, and other types of tea are available. You don’t have to buy your teas from souvenir or specialty shops; a local supermarket or grocery store should have all you need. Purchase a tea set to replicate the Chinese tea experience at home.


Jewelry is one of the top souvenirs to buy in Tianjin you should not miss. When it comes to jewelry, inspiration comes from all throughout China, from jewels to jade. Tibetan-style jewelry, which is the most widely available, is characterized by a mix of silver and orange and blue gemstones in the shape of bracelets or necklaces. When browsing, keep an eye out for cheap, fake jewelry and be aware of the type of store or area you’re in.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Finally, raditional Chinese medicines, particularly traditional herbal remedies, are an important aspect of Chinese culture. A number of pharmacies have walls lined with numerous wooden drawers storing a large choice of medication for each minor condition imaginable. The Chinese employed thousands of herbs with Chinese cucumber, Camelia, Chrysanthemum flower, and the most popular – ginger and ginseng – being among the most popular.

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